Sunday, June 13, 2010

HD Knitting

Does Legolas the elf braid his own hair? I'm not convinced. It's tricky. I've been trying out what is, in effect, a herringbone braid, but it takes nimble fingerwork to achieve on your own hair. Here's an early attempt.

Towards the bottom there, you're starting to see the actual effect as it should look. I'll just keep practising.

But as I was braiding, I was thinking about how this little everyday activity feels so much like what I do in my knitting. I'm searching for pattern definition, whether in a braid or in my stitches.

So it made me think about HD knitting: high definition knitting. I've got a couple of projects on the go that are all about finding the pleasure in HD.

There's my Doctor Hoots (nearly there!). The palm pattern pops in the alternating cream and red in a way that I didn't really expect as I first started out. (And you can see one of my stitch holders from the Needle Foodies sock club being put to good use there.) I won't even mention how the owl eyes pop - although, I've just found an error in my second Hoots that I'm biting my lip over at the moment. Can I get away with the quick fix of a duplicate stitch or should I tink back? We'll see.

And then, because, yes, I have given into my craving for scarf satisfaction, I began a scarf in Woolen Mill St Yarns's Aragorn, using My So-Called Scarf. I'm not entirely sure how long I'll manage to make this scarf...

Still, the stitch is amazing with variegated yarn. This is my true ideal of HD knitting. It's got texture, form, and each shade of the yarn pops. True HD knitting. I'm sold.

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drkknits said...

yes some knitting is defintely more HD than others, and both of yours fit that description. yummy yarn, and gorgeous mitts, and id be looking for any way to fix that other than tinking!