Friday, June 11, 2010

Walkin' in the Rain

This is what happens to your jaffa and coffee macaroons when you get a bit too enthusiastic about walking home in the rain. They're just a little squished, though, and they'll still go really well with a cup of choc mint rooibus from T2.

At the moment, I'm still looking at how pretty they are.

I did nearly get caught by a cyclist as I was walking along, under my bright pink umbrella, singing far too loudly. Yes, I'm afraid I am one of those people. I was singing along to She & Him on the iPod, not so much hitting the notes as making a really good attempt to find them through experimentation. But it was very wet and there was no one else on the street... I thought.

So now I'm quietly drying off and thinking about what knitting I should take on my next adventure. I have yarn now for a Tilting TARDISes project, but I am still musing over the other selections. I've realised I have a scarf craving. This is not a craving suggested by all the scarves I already own. On the bright side, if I'm ever locked in a tower, I should have enough scarves to make an escape rope.

2 comments: said...

choc mint rooibos? I'm going to T2!!

drkknits said...

yes, thats very important, to be prepared for when youre locked in a tower and arent actually rapunzel! very smart thinking....