Thursday, July 29, 2010

All you need is the Force

My Knit It Up cinema sock club for Star Wars arrived - spoilers ahead!

But first... my life now.

I'm still in sleeveland, so to speak, but this is the final sleeve and in between puppy business and work, I am getting the odd row done. Tonight's Big Bang Theory marathon may help out! Wee Davie is growing every day and finding new tricks to play - like splashing all the water out of his bowl and leaving damp little pawprints through the house. This is him in quiet repose after having just pushed a box - 1m x .5m - around the floor, which was really very funny. He then leapt upon it and attacked it thoroughly. It duly submitted.

Well, you don't mess with Wee Davie.

So, now, sock club goodies. First off - how can you not love this bag?

And Yoda for the yarn!! A scarf of Jedi wisdom I'm thinking. Yeeees.


Rose Red said...

Like that bag, I do, yessssss.

DrK said...

knitting jedi, funny, that is. cute dog too!