Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Ram They Call Jayne... oh, and yarn

I believe someone mentioned the Ram They Call Jayne? Jayne heard about this and wanted in on the blogging. He stowed aboard while we were knitting our way to Queenstown by bus - we hopped off for a five minute coffee stop and when I got back on the bus, there he was, already checking out my scarf-in-progress. Personally, I think he needs a nice bright hat with a pom pom on top (this will all make sense if you've seen Firefly... if not, I'm currently babbling incoherently), but in the meantime, he's been hanging out with yarn skeins from New Zealand.

I couldn't go on adventures without collecting up yarn. Right? I bought some Touch at the Arts Centre, Christchurch, first. Look at that spritz of yellow in the top skein!

In Dunedin, I picked up this great pink and black from Knitsch.

Then, while we were riding our horses through Lothlorien and getting our toes wet in the river by Rivendell, I managed to win a free skein of yarn from Needle Food! I very excitedly emailed Michelle to say that we were just about to be back in Christchurch, so Michelle was really sweet and invited us over to pillage her yarn supply (did I say pillage?) and choose my skein. Do you know how much fun it is to meet one of your very favourite dyers?

I picked a skein of "Chocolate Fish." I'm absolutely not responsible for those other four skeins. Believe me, it took real effort to reduce my little pile of pillaged yarn back down to four. And Michelle is a terrible enabler! Really! Which is a good thing... I mean, look at these colours!

And if you have been here, you know Michelle had some very special yarn. Oddly enough, I'd won my skein ordering 'Dining in Denim' for my TARDIS inspired scarf and happened to have it with me (next post, there will be some 'knitting in action' action). We walked through the door... and Doctor Who was on Michelle's TV! Then she brandished a couple of skeins of a certain new blue that... well... wow. I resisted. I resisted. I resisted through two countries and several emails telling Michelle about how I was resisting. Then I stopped resisting... which made Michelle laugh, because she knew resistance was futile. It's TARDIS Blue. Seriously.


drkknits said...

totally awesome colours! a great haul! (and my word verification is outergap. how bizarre).

Maria said...

Absolutely amazing yarn colours there

artificiallymythic said...

JAYNE!!!!! The ram they call JAYNE!!!! *cue hysterical laughter at 1.30am*

You really should have just bought the tardis blue when you were there. Or maybe I should have ram-napped Jayne and left the yarn as payment. Hmmmm