Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend socks

Well, I didn't say they were matching socks! I finished one 'The Yellow Crayon' sock, in Spacefrog's 'Primary Colours' - just a vanilla sock, but with an added star toe. I also finished one 'Tilting Tenth' sock in Black Trillium's 'Tenth Doctor' - this was a sock design a certain Middle Earth adventurer and I came up with on the bus. The pattern is a mash up of the Tilting TARDIS cowl with Blackrose, although I didn't actually read the Blackrose pattern - I just had an idea of how it looked and used that as the basis. The sock finishes in a star toe, which is apt, because, yes, there's a definite theme to the sock! It's Doctor Who all the way.

Last weekend I finished a couple of spontaneous little gift concoctions using Hoot! and some left over orange BWM Luxury. If I do say so myself, they're awfully cute and the addition of a bit of twig from the plum tree really sets them off!

And today I did my best impersonation of the crazy chicken lady next door. The boys were playing football and, of course, one of the balls went over the fence, startling the hens. One of the boys came to ask for the ball back and got the stern, but kind 'don't do it again - you're upsetting the hens' lecture. Which as soon as I shut the door, sent me into giggles. Yes, definitely the crazy chicken lady! But the boys have been good about not kicking the ball so hard, so the hens have been having a lovely afternoon during which the sky has not fallen down.

Speaking of which, I'm off to weed the vegetable patch. I've just ordered some soy bean seeds, which thanks to wagamama in Christchurch, I've learned are delicious with just a sprinkle of sea salt.

And Coco has now popped up to the back door to ask when I'm going to come out and weed so she can help with the digging. I'm off!


drkknits said...

wait until you turn into a crazy dog lady as well :) love the little owls, owls are always so cute!

artificiallymythic said...

DOCTOR!!!!! socks! It looks good. Really good. Hyacinth #1 is now finished (frogged the heel twice more before I got it, and no, you can't have it), and Temperance is at 1.5 at the moment. They're awesome.

But now I really need to finish them so I can start a pair of Dr Socks. It is awesome. Well done!

So... how's the search for wee Davie then? Can I start looking for tartan coats yet?

Gidgetknits said...

Still searching for wee Davie. One possible lead. Are you sure I can't have the socks???