Monday, August 9, 2010

The Burnt Bits

Yes, when one of these fluffy little creatures comes into your life, you expect things to change. You expect some destruction.

I'd just cast off the final piece of my Edie sweater and was feeling very pleased. I noted that Wee Davie was happily napping in his bed and thought... oh, I can nip off for two seconds to press these pieces without shutting the door to the dining room. I set up the iron, was just starting to press the back, when I turned and there was Wee Davie, making a beeline for the basket of freshly laundered clothes at my feet. I raced to wrangle him, sorted him in mere seconds, and then turned back to the ironing board...

Yes, I'd left the iron ON the piece of knitting.

I never do that.

I did that.

There was a brown mark.

Perhaps it's gunge? I thought hopefully. That's it, my perfectly clean iron just had a fit of brown gunge. Because, you know, that's better than the alternative. I'll wash it. It'll be fine.

Yes, I was kidding myself.

Even now, I look at it in certain lights and, really, I can't hardly see the brown burn.

Of course, if I take a photo...

You can see the burn, can't you?

But rather than cry or throw a tantrum, I laughed as Wee Davie set about attacking his squeaky cow and picked up my Tilting Tenths and finished the second one off. So, here they are! A mash-up of the Tilting TARDIS Cowl and Black Rose, although the latter was not specifically consulted - I just remembered what it looked like, in Black Trillium Tenth Doctor. And if you can't tell they're Doctor Who inspired, I despair of you.


Rose Red said...

Oh noes! Bad Wee Davie for going for the washing! Good Wee Davie for not going for the knitting! Bad iron!

Will you have to reknit? Or maybe duplicate stitch over the mark? I do hope its salvageable.

silk4calde said...

Aww... so sorry! But the Doctor Who socks are super lovely - very 10th Doctor!

Oh, and you may enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

A little dog and alot of trouble,
the burn is not that bad and your hair will cover the burn will it not.

Gidgetknits said...

I'm thinking of trying duplicate stitch first - at least it's at the top of the piece. And silk4calde, I spotted the pink TARDIS!

DrK said...

hehehe. sorry, i shouldnt laugh but i am. hes sooo cute! he thinks it was a great game doesnt he? yes he does. but the burn, well that sux. the socks look totally awesome tho!