Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knit, knit, knit

Wee Davie: Hmmm... I think I could do this blogging thing.
Me: Really? How's your spelling?
Wee Davie: What's that? Blogging involves chewing, right?

It's a wet Sunday night and I have a puppy napping on my lap. If my knitting were in reach, this would be perfect!

There's not a great deal of knitting action happening, although my BKFF and I were happily sock knitting on the train when we went to see Stephen Fry yesterday. We had seats in the centre, second row! And Stephen Fry was brilliant. He's one of the best storytellers. Of course, we did sit there beforehand checking Twitter for updates! And we checked later. He went well over the scheduled time, as we discovered. We didn't notice, we didn't care. He left me with an urge to break out my Waugh, Wilde and Wodehouse again. Although I actually have to read Through the Looking Glass for class on Wednesday.

But for now, I have to order yet another ball of yarn for my sweater... half a sleeve to go and I've plum run out. Wonder if there's anything from the Twist Collective I could also buy yarn for...

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DrK said...

oh twist collective. dont even look. so many nice things! wee davie is just a little bit cute. he appears to be wearing some knitwear?