Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Pretty Cunnin' Puppy

We are big enough now to jump up on the sofa. Now, no knitting is safe! So I took a bit of revenge, Firefly style.

I put him in a Jayne hat, whipping up Heather Hill's Sweet Baby Jayne pattern in three shades of Cascade 220. Oddly, there are quite a number of cats sporting such cunnin' hats and some people even put them on babies, but few on dogs. Perhaps the canines all felt a bit like Wee Davie about the whole thing. As you can see... he doesn't really feel the need for a cunnin' hat. And he's more of a Star Wars fan anyway. Seriously. Whenever I play with my lightsaber app, he comes running to sit at my feet. He's fascinated by the swishing noise and the burst of theme music. I've promised him that I'll play him the films. We might make a weekend of it.

Nonetheless, it is a pretty cunnin' hat.

It was a fun diversion while knitting away at sleeves.


drkknits said...

it is indeed. and funny how dogs dont like hats. ive tried that a few times. sigh.

Shelley said...

That is almost as funny as DT with eyeliner. But so very cute. Have I mentioned how much I covet your Scotsman lately?