Monday, September 13, 2010

Puppies and Knitting

Isn't this little bag of nice smelling 'stuff' for dogs cute? I picked it up from rocstar on Made It. I'm trying to cut down on the chemicals in Wee Davie's system, so we're trying a few of the more natural flea prevention options. He just had a little spritz and seems pretty happy with the result. I'm very happy. He's one great smelling dog now! You can also see in the bottom of the picture a quick preview of the front of my "Country Walk with Mr Beaumaris" sweater. I'm currently strolling through sleeveland, but I love the way the smocking has turned out on the front. The Cascade 220 is really working with the rustic feel of the pattern and the yellow becomes beautifully golden in sunlight.

Speaking of yarn...

Why does Wee Davie look so shame-faced here? Actually, not because of what he did last night, though he ought to have looked embarrassed and guilty. I was knitting a sleeve and spotted from the corner of my eye, Wee Davie reach up to the sofa. I didn't mind him. I'd organised everything so it was all out of reach... I thought.

Except, I hadn't. Because I then spotted a blue thread disappearing through the back door. After being wound several times around the apple tree (Wee Davie's form of a maypole dance, I believe), this is what I 'rescued'. Ah well. At least I'd finished the project I was using the yarn for...

One of the most amazing things about having a dog and trotting through the streets with him is how many people start to talk to you... and stop to introduce their dogs to your dog. I did not realise the extent of the secret community of 'dog people'. They're everywhere! And they smile and coo and it's lovely.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of adding another couple of chickens to my household. I need a good laying pair, but I'd also like some pretty chickens. Any suggestions?

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drkknits said...

hehe, go wee davie. thats my kind of dog! not surprised that people stop and talk, hes just so cute! (and i liked your idea of matching outfits!)