Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have so nailed that pronunciation! I gave a paper earlier this week at a certain convention. It was a paper on Doctor Who and Raxacoricofallapatorius fell perfectly from my lips, garnering much applause! I'm shameless.

I may have given the paper as an excuse to wear bright red shoes, but that's another story.

In light of that achievement and in light of the fact that I have spent the past week coughing like a cranky duck, I spent a little time today finishing off a fun project.

It's Penwiper's Exfoliate! Knitted Dalek Wash Cloth in Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton. It's a terrific, quick knit. I think I'll need more little daleks to fight dirt around the house.

Particularly since the arrival of this one:

See that puppy? I have learned something. Having a puppy means never wearing two slippers at the same time.


Rose Red said...

really? you need an excuse to wear bright red shoes now? heh!

drkknits said...

slippers are designed purely for puppy pleasure. along with socks. so cute. love the exfoliate! gotta get me one of them.