Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Perfect Saturday Afternoon

It was one of those perfect, sunny, Saturday afternoons. Mum was flying home in the evening, so we celebrated her upcoming birthday a bit early.

With cupcakes.

I tried out the Cherry Bomb Cupcakes from Cupcake Bakeshop. We nipped off to the supermarket for the ingredients and then the baking began. My BKFF tried these just a day or two ago and assured me they are 'the most awesome cupcakes ever'. I'd initially been intrigued since, yes, they're gluten free! Plus, chocolate and chilli, one of my all time favourite flavour combinations. You just can't get better.

After the initial bit of baking, I popped in the cherries and they were already looking scrumptious.

They have a meringue frosting. BKFF hadn't tried the meringue frosting, so I take this opportunity to assure BKFF that it is worth the bother. Since I was on a roll, I adjusted the colour of the frosting a little bit...

A pink and brown cupcake simply tastes better!

Mum's verdict? Best birthday cupcake in the world. This is something. Mum doesn't like meringue. Mum asked what the light, fluffy frosting was. "Meringue." "No." "Yes." "No." "Yes." "But it's not sweet and icky." "No."

Afterwards, we sat on the back steps with cups of coffee, occasionally getting up to play ball with Wee Davie. Mum had earlier devised a clever new aspect of the hen - yes, we acknowledge this - mansion. She put up a little fence and we can use the coop door as the gate to the new coop extension, as well as to the mansion itself. So now the hens can pop in and out and scratch in their old haunts without fear of Wee Davie invading (although he has been testing out the structural soundness of the mansion and fence with his ball).

Only, as I was photographing the cleverness of the multi-purpose door, Wee Davie thought there was something lacking in the photo...



Celeritas said...

Those cupcakes look great, nom nom!

Rose Red said...

I can't believe tha mansion has an extension already,heh! But of course you do hav to protect the hens' extensivelt landscaped garden from marauding wee Daveys!

Oh, meringue topped cupcakes! Divine!

drkknits said...

chocolate chili AND meringue! yummo!! how cute does he look there, lord protector and overseer of all garden activity!