Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Bang Theory Tangerine Chicken

It's a working supper. I've dubbed it 'Big Bang Theory Tangerine Chicken'. I saw 'The Tangerine Factor' the other night and have been obsessed with Sheldon's dinner choice ever since! Fittingly, this is not really tangerine chicken. If you're not familiar with the episode, Sheldon is convinced the restaurant is using oranges, not tangerines, so, since tangerines aren't in season and it's apt... this is really orange chicken.

I've never posted a recipe before, but I want to remember how I put this together, so here goes! Just keep in mind, I riffed off a few online, orange chicken recipes that I found (like here and here) and I've never been very good with precise measurements (you'll notice that!). I can't guarantee results, but you'll get the idea at least.

4 chicken thighs
Corn flour for dusting
Sesame oil
Sunflower oil

1 teaspoon orange rind finely grated
Juice of one orange
Splash of soy sauce
Splash of rice wine vinegar
Finely grated fresh ginger - about 1 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon chili paste
1/2 teaspoon raw sugar

1 carrot, sliced
1 stick of celery, sliced
1 spring onion, sliced
1/2 cup of peas
Handful of chopped raw cashews (oops, forgot to add them on the original post!)

It's pretty self-evident and I'd encourage tasting as you go along to be sure the flavours work. You cut up the chicken thighs and dust them in the corn flour before pan frying them in the mix of sesame and sunflower oils. Meanwhile, mix together the sauce ingredients. When the chicken is browned, add the vegetables. Once everything's cooked, add the sauce. Serve with jasmine rice.

It's delicious! I'm having a little cold, pink grapefruit sago pudding with cream later for dessert. I don't often order take-out, particularly since going gluten free, but I love recreating take-out food. I do a killer sweet and sour pork (add a little vinegar to sweet chili sauce and it's so much nicer than the bought sauce). I think it's my grandmother's side coming out in me. She'd always leave a restaurant, go home and attempt to recreate the dishes, adding her own individual spin. She also never ever measured anything or followed a recipe properly. Like grandmother, like granddaughter.

Incidentally, I just got my copy of Cooking for Geeks and it's brilliant! Naturally, it encourages experimentation too.

In the meantime, Wee Davie is enjoying his new haircut. He's much cooler these days. In both senses of the word.

And I couldn't resist casting on my second Charm Wrap now that I finally have the pattern again (I found the CD of the magazine at Tangled Yarns - and on sale!). I'm trying out Bendigo Woollen Mills Silk Supreme in Jade and so far... loving the yarn! The colour is glorious, the stitch definition is brilliant, and I like the touch.

The other day, though, I woke up with this vision of a hooded cardigan in bright yellow with white clouds and big buttons. I think I've found a pattern option to make it happen and Silk Supreme comes in a gorgeous lemon.

Does anyone else wake up with visions of knitwear?


Maria said...

Wake up, go to sleep, day-dream - never know when inspirtion will leap out at me.
I am currently using Silk Supreme "Silky Oak" - love it too, not hairy with the mohair. Unfortunately I have to frog mine today - does not quite fit right - new pattern needed
BTW I am crocheting with it

yoel said...

The dish looks yummy. Thanks for the recipe--since I don't eat meat I will enjoy it with seitan or tofu for sure. LOVE the idea for the "cloudy" hoodie!

drkknits said...

not with visions of knitwear, but visions of yarn maybe. especially wollmeise! hehe. sheldon cracks me up with his food things. that one sounds particularly tasty. and the Wee thing is looking tres chic!

John said...

Thanks for the tip on the book. I've added it to my next book order.