Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nature - with socks and collars

I finished a sock! Okay, it's just the one sock, but this is a tricky sock pattern! This is the Sole Mates kit that BKFF gave me. There's a couple of errors in the pattern and I haven't quite worked them out, but while some find such things frustrating, I'm increasingly delighting in the things I learn from these opportunities... and let's face it, what oak leaf ever looks perfect? The sock is still utterly amazing (and I did write up my notes in progress on Ravelry). It gets bonus points for surviving Wee Davie, who discovered the ball of yarn in reach and consequently began to toss it about the room and wrap it around the stereo.

Aren't those cables a thing of beauty?

Speaking of Wee Davie, however, his wardrobe has expanded.

Is it bad that I'm having a ball dressing him in different collars? I haven't yet started to colour coordinate him with my own outfits, but I suspect this is merely a matter of time.

And finally, they aren't pretty, but I improvised chilli chocolate and pumpkin swirl cupcakes (there's a couple of recipes that I bounced off here and here). The catch was... the chilli chocolate mix was far too thick and sort of 'plonked' in the middle of the cupcake. For all that, however, they're delicious and I'm about to wander off, make a cup of tea, and eat one while I watch Bones and think about that second sock.


artificiallymythic said...

That sock looks good! And squishy!

And once more, I love your puppy... and those muffins, and your charm wrap, and... when are you going to move across here and be my neighbour? :)

Rose Red said...

a cabled sock is indeed a thing of beauty! And I'm so glad Wee Davie has a range of tartan collars - entirely appropriate!

drkknits said...

oh that sock looks amazing!! a think of great beauty indeed. and yay for doggy wardrobes, just no superhero outfits ok?!

Gidgetknits said...

DrK, you disappoint me... I can just see the little guy in a cape! Of course, it wouldn't last long...