Monday, November 22, 2010

Presto! I have a laptop again!

Today has not been productive. At least, not as productive as I'd have liked.

However, it has ended well. My package from ThinkGeek arrived super fast, bringing with it a very neat iPad case with keyboard. Seriously, this is brilliant. I love my iPad, but the other night, I realised I did miss having a laptop to work on in bed (because the best writing does get done in bed). I don't mind the onscreen keyboard, but it's not really useful when you're writing more than an email. ThinkGeek came to the rescue. This case allows you to slant the iPad perfectly and the keyboard is synched and has iPad specific keys. The whole acts like a laptop AND iPad, but is still lighter than the MacBook Air! How amazing is that?

I also tossed a Crayon pen on my order, because, seriously, I love a pen that looks like a crayon! I had hoped for a yellow one, but they only had red and black.

In the photo, you can also see that I finished one Mystery Sock. And that I've added to my collection of vintage needlework magazines. This is a 1918 French magazine and I was sold on the cover featuring the spinner, but also on the fact that the magazine includes the original transfers of the embroidery designs.

Okay, now I'm going to reheat my pumpkin lasagna (one of my new favourites - this is the second time I've made it and it's delicious - I just add a little nutmeg and only put the 'fake cheese' on top) and convince myself that I can revise this article.


Rose Red said...

I wasa bit iffy about getting an iPad until I realised you could get an external keboard just recently (I should have known!). Suh a good idea!

drkknits said...

oooh nice new shiny technology. well done. neatly juxtaposed against the vintage magazine. amazing world we live in heh?!