Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunny Day

The hens are out sun bathing.

The puppy is entertained.

I love my latest vintage find. Butterflies and bullets. Genius.

And what's this? I'm doing something other than knitting?

Actually, I do a lot of other things than knitting. Most of us do. Lately I've been grading a lot of papers (and resisting the urge to smear them with peanut butter in order to tempt certain wee ones into unspeakable acts of vandalism). I've been rewriting CFPs and taking in grant applications and writing references and all sorts of fiddly stuff that shouldn't take a lot of time, but inevitably does. I've been gathering books together on filking. For research that I keep telling myself I can really get into next week. I've been finishing off books I've been meaning to finish off for ages. Like Byatt's The Children's Book. Her editor should have been meaner. I've been trying to shake this 'flu, which has so far been resoundingly unsuccessful. I've made lemon sago puddings and basil and cheese scones and sweet potato muffins to convince myself to feel better. And I've been doing some other stuff that I can't really talk about.

So it's nice to stop and look at the sunny day and think, 'I should grab Wee Davie's lead and go for a walk and afterwards, maybe I'll pick another handful of broad beans for dinner and check on the progress of the first mulberry crop.'

I love mulberries. They remind me of the tree we had in the back yard when I was growing up. Mum remembers trying to get the mulberry stains off the floor.

Now, about that lead...

Well, first maybe I'll change out of my pyjamas...


drkknits said...

i like the sound of 'other stuff you cant really talk about' (i do hope its good stuff). i always feel like smearing papers with crayon, given thats about the level most of them are at. so glad not to be doing any of them this year! is wee davie eating the mulberries? my lot love them and are constantly hunting for them.

Gidgetknits said...

He can't reach the mulberries yet! Between him and the hens, I haven't a hope. Still... And on the bright side, I've got pretty high quality essays, so I can't complain too much. :-)