Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Getting To Be A Lot Like Christmas

While I was trying to come up with clever things to say about glass slippers and magic mirrors, Christmas snuck up on me.

Christmas, of course, in part means there's lots of Christmas Specials on television - specials from To the Manor Born and One Foot in the Grave, for example. These are excellent knitting programmes. So I whipped off the second Strider sock and they're done and they're beautiful! I've already mentioned the details on the blog (they're also here on Ravelry), but... wow. I love this pattern! There's a couple of little errors in the pattern (also noted on Ravelry), but once you get the gist of the pattern, they're dead easy to spot. Unfortunately, photography just doesn't do them justice. They're three-dimensional socks. They must be seen in all three dimensions. So, thank you again BKFF, who is currently, I believe, bopping around Wellington!

And today, more sock inspiration... although I am trying to promise myself to finish off my Netherfield socks, particularly now that I've successfully finished this toe-up pair (yes, I've been knitting the Netherfield socks since I was sitting in the sun at Lyme Park patiently waiting for Mr Darcy to come out of the lake in his wet shirt... it never happened, which I think jinxed the socks). Aside from that digression... who doesn't love a new Cookie A. book? The photography is to die for! So are Lissajous, now handily available in the book. And I also picked up cards from one of my favourite Etsy artists, The Mincing Mockingbird, because there were finally cards of the print, Moments When My Eyes Go Vacant. I seriously love the print.

Since it's Christmas, there have been treats, like little tiny macaroons (the passionfruit ones are best!), and SFX Magazine's Doctor Who issue.

So, I guess it's time to finish up now and get a little more written about the cat's boots so that I can enjoy a guilt-free Christmas. I'll leave you with merry wishes and a little pup who has also found things to like about Christmas.


artificiallymythic said...

Oh man oh man oh man! I love your socks. Tomorrow I shall seek to find something equally as funky to send you from the windy city.

And your pup is just too cute. As usual.

drkknits said...

oooooh the new cookie book. want. badly. i read today we are getting the dr who xmas special on boxing day. yay! cute little candy cane eating puppy :)