Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Why shouldn't you get into the Christmas spirit in the bedroom (oh, stop giggling in the back there)? Mum made me up some wonderful Christmas pillow cases, including these natty owls. If you look closely, the brown on the owls? It's in a knit pattern! Perfect.

Alas, Lola has the pox. I discovered this a few days ago. I have been doing much research, but apparently you just wait it out and keep an eye on the pox victims. So far, she seems fine. In fact, the other evening, she became an escapee and flew onto the coop roof (say that quickly five times). She eventually decided to go back inside through the little window you can see there - possibly having realised that Wee Davie was waiting below with his ball.

Wee Davie has become obsessed with playing ball. Whenever you step outside, the ball magically rolls to your feet. If you don't kick it immediately, he puts his little paw up on it and tells you to kick it... just in case you've forgotten the deal. Yesterday Mum and I were hula hooping in the back yard and mid-hula, a ball would land at our feet and the hoop would clatter to the ground. Oh, okay, the hoop did spend more time on the ground than around our waists, but it was fun! (Yes, I did get inspired by Ysolda's efforts in snowy Edinburgh, so when I saw a hoop - while buying a soccer ball for the pup - I couldn't resist trying it out.)

We went shopping for Christmas food. Mum thought I was joking when I said I didn't really care as long as I had cereal!

Actually, I didn't buy all this yesterday... just the Cookie Bitez. One of the oddest things about going gluten free is that you develop random, ridiculous cravings for food you never ate when you could eat everything. Lately, I've been craving silly, childish cereal. Fortunately, they've started releasing gluten-free options and... I've gone a little nutty.

More sensibly, there is finally more progress on the Netherfield sock. Watch this space. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a brilliant, incredible Christmas (or holiday of some sort)!

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drkknits said...

youre like the gluten free jerry seinfeld, with a cupboard full of cereal. hope lola recovers soon and wee davie gets lots of balls from santa! have a great day xx