Sunday, December 5, 2010

With no knitting

I admit it. I've been a bad knitter. I'm working on my second socks and I just broke the tip of the needle on my new Charm Wrap. Everything knitting related is going very slow.

But more cheerfully, my new favourite earrings arrived.

Okay, how many people have clicked and realised what they reference? Need a clue? Seek out the source. I think they're pretty cunnin'.

Then Vintage Purl was a just a bit inconsiderate and went and named a lace yarn "Kingdom of Aragon". As if that wasn't going to be finding its way into my stash...

Beautiful, isn't it?

The silly season has, of course, inspired more than a little silliness around here. After a chat to one of my BKFFs, this... ah... happened...

Me: It's a screwdriver.
Wee Davie: It's sonic.
Me: Yeah, I know.

Wee Davie: Allons-y!

Well, a little silliness is a good thing.

1 comment:

artificiallymythic said...

I'm just going to squee now. SQUEEEEEEE!!! Davie has his sonic screwdriver! That. Is. So. Awesome! I wants one! (A scottie with a sonic screwdriver)

And I still covet your earrings.