Thursday, July 29, 2010

All you need is the Force

My Knit It Up cinema sock club for Star Wars arrived - spoilers ahead!

But first... my life now.

I'm still in sleeveland, so to speak, but this is the final sleeve and in between puppy business and work, I am getting the odd row done. Tonight's Big Bang Theory marathon may help out! Wee Davie is growing every day and finding new tricks to play - like splashing all the water out of his bowl and leaving damp little pawprints through the house. This is him in quiet repose after having just pushed a box - 1m x .5m - around the floor, which was really very funny. He then leapt upon it and attacked it thoroughly. It duly submitted.

Well, you don't mess with Wee Davie.

So, now, sock club goodies. First off - how can you not love this bag?

And Yoda for the yarn!! A scarf of Jedi wisdom I'm thinking. Yeeees.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Puppy Meets Knitting

At the moment I'm typing with one hand - the other is serving as a puppy pillow. But we're settling in well and I even managed a little more on the final sleeve of Edie. Wee Davie is a bit wary of the knitting, as you can see. I have a feeling this sweater is going to be a bit big, but that's okay - it's meant to be generous.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What Will Happen To The Yarn Now?

Meet Wee Davie, a 3 month old Scottish Terrier with a very wet nose who arrived in his new home today. He likes to fight fearsome cabbage leaves and watch dishes being washed. We still have to talk about the knitting!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend socks

Well, I didn't say they were matching socks! I finished one 'The Yellow Crayon' sock, in Spacefrog's 'Primary Colours' - just a vanilla sock, but with an added star toe. I also finished one 'Tilting Tenth' sock in Black Trillium's 'Tenth Doctor' - this was a sock design a certain Middle Earth adventurer and I came up with on the bus. The pattern is a mash up of the Tilting TARDIS cowl with Blackrose, although I didn't actually read the Blackrose pattern - I just had an idea of how it looked and used that as the basis. The sock finishes in a star toe, which is apt, because, yes, there's a definite theme to the sock! It's Doctor Who all the way.

Last weekend I finished a couple of spontaneous little gift concoctions using Hoot! and some left over orange BWM Luxury. If I do say so myself, they're awfully cute and the addition of a bit of twig from the plum tree really sets them off!

And today I did my best impersonation of the crazy chicken lady next door. The boys were playing football and, of course, one of the balls went over the fence, startling the hens. One of the boys came to ask for the ball back and got the stern, but kind 'don't do it again - you're upsetting the hens' lecture. Which as soon as I shut the door, sent me into giggles. Yes, definitely the crazy chicken lady! But the boys have been good about not kicking the ball so hard, so the hens have been having a lovely afternoon during which the sky has not fallen down.

Speaking of which, I'm off to weed the vegetable patch. I've just ordered some soy bean seeds, which thanks to wagamama in Christchurch, I've learned are delicious with just a sprinkle of sea salt.

And Coco has now popped up to the back door to ask when I'm going to come out and weed so she can help with the digging. I'm off!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Ram They Call Jayne... oh, and yarn

I believe someone mentioned the Ram They Call Jayne? Jayne heard about this and wanted in on the blogging. He stowed aboard while we were knitting our way to Queenstown by bus - we hopped off for a five minute coffee stop and when I got back on the bus, there he was, already checking out my scarf-in-progress. Personally, I think he needs a nice bright hat with a pom pom on top (this will all make sense if you've seen Firefly... if not, I'm currently babbling incoherently), but in the meantime, he's been hanging out with yarn skeins from New Zealand.

I couldn't go on adventures without collecting up yarn. Right? I bought some Touch at the Arts Centre, Christchurch, first. Look at that spritz of yellow in the top skein!

In Dunedin, I picked up this great pink and black from Knitsch.

Then, while we were riding our horses through Lothlorien and getting our toes wet in the river by Rivendell, I managed to win a free skein of yarn from Needle Food! I very excitedly emailed Michelle to say that we were just about to be back in Christchurch, so Michelle was really sweet and invited us over to pillage her yarn supply (did I say pillage?) and choose my skein. Do you know how much fun it is to meet one of your very favourite dyers?

I picked a skein of "Chocolate Fish." I'm absolutely not responsible for those other four skeins. Believe me, it took real effort to reduce my little pile of pillaged yarn back down to four. And Michelle is a terrible enabler! Really! Which is a good thing... I mean, look at these colours!

And if you have been here, you know Michelle had some very special yarn. Oddly enough, I'd won my skein ordering 'Dining in Denim' for my TARDIS inspired scarf and happened to have it with me (next post, there will be some 'knitting in action' action). We walked through the door... and Doctor Who was on Michelle's TV! Then she brandished a couple of skeins of a certain new blue that... well... wow. I resisted. I resisted. I resisted through two countries and several emails telling Michelle about how I was resisting. Then I stopped resisting... which made Michelle laugh, because she knew resistance was futile. It's TARDIS Blue. Seriously.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Middle Earth and Back

Yes, the previous post was a teaser composed in a delusional, jetlagged state and filled with little in-jokes...

Like ninja sheep...

You didn't know the Remarkables were really ninja sheep, did you? (And Margaritas weren't even involved at that point.)

But, in fact, I did sneak off to Middle Earth last month. And I had company. I wonder how many people have rumbled what company I had? Needle Food did... Anyway, we wanted to ride horses in Middle Earth. And we did. (Later note: we went with Dart Stables, who were fantastic.)

There, in fact, is Sam, one of the Lord of the Rings horses. I'm on the horse whose ear you can just see. He's called Bryan and he likes to sit in twiggy bushes relieving certain itches.


It's very comical.

If you aren't sitting on top of him in the middle of a bush.

A couple of days before, I was riding the most gigantic horse in existence through Lothlórien. Okay, maybe not the most gigantic horse, but he had once ridden with the barbarians in Hercules and I have it on good authority that it was highly hilarious watching me trying to mount.

What did we do other than ride? We ate pizza and Mexican food, we walked a lot, we knitted (I knitted a lot of TARDISes, but more on that next post), we went on the Trans-Alpine train, a gondola in Queenstown, to visit albatrosses in Dunedin, and we discovered that playing David Bowie songs to a muted Star Trek film on TV is really, really brilliant. And something about Cotechino sandwiches that should probably stay between us.

But look at these views! It snowed in Queenstown when we were there!!!

And on our way to Rivendell...

And I learned that I love taking photographs of ducks. I have a camera half filled with duck photos.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terror - and zen-like calm

Snowy ninja sheep
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I've been on an adventure.