Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kissing Dragons and Other Stuff

There are days when you feel life is actually pretty good. You just saw Joss Whedon give a keynote the night before...

That kind of thing.

There were Jayne Hats in the audience! That always warms a heart. I need to make a Jayne Hat. Do you think Wee Davie would wear one? He'd look pretty cunnin'.

And Joss Whedon was funny and friendly and everyone enjoyed being there to listen to him.

There is also knitting. I've almost finished the back of my 'Country Walk with Mr Beaumaris' sweater. It's Arabella by Beautia Dew in Cascade and I'm enjoying the rusticity of it. Plus I named it after one of my favourite Georgette Heyer novels, fittingly, Arabella (my absolute favourite is These Old Shades).

In between, Wee Davie has been spoilt with new chew toys. It's difficult leaving him to go to work and for some reason, he just doesn't understand that I have to go to work so I can afford his chew toys. He was gifted a dragon. He loves the dragon...

Ah... a lot...

A real lot...

Ummm... this is getting embarrassing and weird.

So, ah, quickly changing the topic, I've also started a stash of Vintage Purls lace - Ione, Lady of the Night and H2 Oh! And oh indeed. It's really soft and squishy! Now I just have to match shawl patterns...

Maybe while I walk Wee Davie.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Cows Have Gone and Put Their Coats On

You know I'd begun to think my latest sweater project was jinxed. First the burn mark, then sewing the pieces together in all the wrong places. But it's done! I took out the needle and scissors, put all to rights, knitted on the neck band and...

Oh, that's ugly, I thought. Big, bulky, and ugly.


Oh well, I might as well try it on, right?


It's good. It feels like you're getting a hug from a big old sheep. The ribbing really brings it in around the hips and wrists so that the bulkiness elsewhere actually looks attractive. The wide neckline makes it perfect and slouchy to wear with your pyjama pants on a cold, wet day like today. Yes, I like it! It's my 'at home sweater'. My 'I need a comfy sweater' sweater. Intentions panned out! I like my sweater.

Details? It's named "Cows Have All Gone Running Home To Put Their Coats On" after one of my favourite Marmalade songs (got to love a band called The Marmalade). It's Edie from Kim Hargreaves' Precious. All knitted up in BWM's Luxury 10ply, Blue Denim. I'm not saying it wasn't a chore sometimes knitting all this up, but it's comfy!!!

Our little household is, meanwhile, still in mourning for Mimi. Yes, I have laughed at the strangeness of grieving for a chicken, but she was a grand hen and everyday, you'd see her about, pecking and scratching and generally throwing her weight around. Well, at least, until the last few months, when she'd been quiet, tired and, I think, in pain generally. She's buried now in her favourite spot under the plum tree. Coco, her best buddy, is still getting used to not having her about and sleeping arrangements have altered to the despair of Lola and Fifi, now sharing their hen house because I don't want Coco to be alone.

While sorting all that out, Wee Davie has been up to all sorts of new tricks.

He's off to the vet tomorrow - shhhhhhh. Just a check up and such. He's so funny. He has developed this wonderful snuffling noise as he wags his tail and tries to eat my slippers. I think I might nickname him Snuffles, which would only be appropriate... his grandsire, believe it or not, was called 'Grim'. Yes, grandson of the Grim! Harry Potter geekery kicks right in.

Anyway, I have some secret work to catch up on...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Love You Mimi

Sniff. Yes, it's one of those blog posts. We lost Mimi last night. She'd been sick for months and nothing seemed to work to perk her up. She slept a great deal, didn't run and greedily gobble up any food she could find and was never really herself. Today I thought it odd she hadn't popped out with the other hens to have some sunflower seeds, and that Coco had hurriedly gone to join the little hens, and then I checked their house, suspecting...

She looked peaceful.

Poor Mimi. She will be missed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


First the burn, then last night...

I was watching Kingdom and sewing up the sweater (ah, yes, I'm being a terrible non-perfectionist and not worrying about the burn mark - it's on the back, my hair will cover it, and I planned to wear the sweater at home anyway - plus, I really think it's fading... honest...). I felt very good. Ready to knit the neckband, in fact.


Then I noticed two sleeves are sewn together. The back and front are sewn together, too. What kind of mutant form can possibly wear my sweater with it like that?? I felt like I'd just produced one of those joke sweaters in sitcoms with the four arms and no neck.

I mean, you look at it - you can see how easy it would be to mix up the pieces. The sleeves are really really wide.

This was Wee Davie's opinion.

We're about to go for another walk. I'll deal with the sweater later tonight.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Burnt Bits

Yes, when one of these fluffy little creatures comes into your life, you expect things to change. You expect some destruction.

I'd just cast off the final piece of my Edie sweater and was feeling very pleased. I noted that Wee Davie was happily napping in his bed and thought... oh, I can nip off for two seconds to press these pieces without shutting the door to the dining room. I set up the iron, was just starting to press the back, when I turned and there was Wee Davie, making a beeline for the basket of freshly laundered clothes at my feet. I raced to wrangle him, sorted him in mere seconds, and then turned back to the ironing board...

Yes, I'd left the iron ON the piece of knitting.

I never do that.

I did that.

There was a brown mark.

Perhaps it's gunge? I thought hopefully. That's it, my perfectly clean iron just had a fit of brown gunge. Because, you know, that's better than the alternative. I'll wash it. It'll be fine.

Yes, I was kidding myself.

Even now, I look at it in certain lights and, really, I can't hardly see the brown burn.

Of course, if I take a photo...

You can see the burn, can't you?

But rather than cry or throw a tantrum, I laughed as Wee Davie set about attacking his squeaky cow and picked up my Tilting Tenths and finished the second one off. So, here they are! A mash-up of the Tilting TARDIS Cowl and Black Rose, although the latter was not specifically consulted - I just remembered what it looked like, in Black Trillium Tenth Doctor. And if you can't tell they're Doctor Who inspired, I despair of you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Knit, knit, knit

Wee Davie: Hmmm... I think I could do this blogging thing.
Me: Really? How's your spelling?
Wee Davie: What's that? Blogging involves chewing, right?

It's a wet Sunday night and I have a puppy napping on my lap. If my knitting were in reach, this would be perfect!

There's not a great deal of knitting action happening, although my BKFF and I were happily sock knitting on the train when we went to see Stephen Fry yesterday. We had seats in the centre, second row! And Stephen Fry was brilliant. He's one of the best storytellers. Of course, we did sit there beforehand checking Twitter for updates! And we checked later. He went well over the scheduled time, as we discovered. We didn't notice, we didn't care. He left me with an urge to break out my Waugh, Wilde and Wodehouse again. Although I actually have to read Through the Looking Glass for class on Wednesday.

But for now, I have to order yet another ball of yarn for my sweater... half a sleeve to go and I've plum run out. Wonder if there's anything from the Twist Collective I could also buy yarn for...