Friday, January 28, 2011

Purple, nurple, wurple...

Shhhh... I'm not here. You can tell when I've got edits to do. I avoid them.

But I'll give myself 5 minutes of procrastination to share with you this pizza.

I cribbed it from this recipe. One of my BKFFs came over for a research day, so we shared. Mind, I think I could have eaten it solo, it was that good. Black beans aren't common here, so I had to search them out, but... seriously, yum. As we were working, BKFF suddenly called a halt, sniffed: "I smell pizza." We immediately went to the kitchen and served big slices to ourselves... then almost immediately went back for seconds. There is no more pizza. BKFF assured me I had to take the photo: "it's definitely bloggable."

Oddly enough, after our research day, I logged onto Twitter and Wil Wheaton had just tweeted a recipe he tried for dinner, black bean and tomato quinoa (who said following actors was a waste of time?). Since I bought up all the cans of black beans I could find, this is next on my list.

Is it also procrastination or sensible planning to work on your professional wardrobe? Particularly if, say, you have exciting places to be later in the year? I picked up this cardigan and the tights on sale. I then found this fabric, which will turn into a skirt. I'm just so pleased with the colours.

Yes, I'm not exactly a wear black and grey kind of girl! I'm not sure about the tights yet... but the skirt is definitely going to work with that cardigan.

Then it struck me that this blog post is in shades of purple - counting the purple tinge of the black beans - so I can share one of my most favourite QI moments.

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drkknits said...

gorgeous fabric! and perfectly matched indeed. im not sure about black beans on pizza tho. ill take your word for it!