Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Tale of One Sock

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a yarn called Bingley is simply made for a sock called Netherfield.

Which is how this sock came to be cast on, as I sat among the daffodils at Lyme Park.

It was very postmodern of my ball of Bingley to try to roll into the lake a few times. After all, it was the lake his best friend famously dunked himself in, thoroughly dampening his shirt to the delight of millions.

I've been living with this sock for a while. It's called 'Bingley's Visit to Pemberley' using Kristi Schueler's pattern in Knit It Up's Bingley. It's a pattern I love. The yarn is brilliant. So why did I just cast off only the first sock, years later??

Well, mostly, my mind melted while doing a short row heel from the toe up. One of my BKFFs had to step in and wrangle with the heel during a lecture I was giving (yes, imagine me happily babbling about English Literature while keeping one nervous eye on the progress of my sock heel down in the front row!). But by that stage, my knitting confidence was far gone and I hid the sock away in its little sack...

When lo and behold, after having wrestled with another couple of difficult patterns, I came back to 'Bingley's Visit to Pemberley' and I finally understood what I was doing and shook my head at my previous self, setting off again with gusto. And I cast it off! And such a pretty cast off, too.

Okay, I know. There's still the second sock. Part of me thinks another visit to Lyme Park would provide the necessary motivation, but I'm not sure I can sneak that in this year... there are other adventures afoot.

However, despite how long it took to knit this one sock, this one sock represents a great deal of knitting growth and I'm very proud of it. I'll be prouder if I don't end up posting the next heel off to BKFF with a plea for mercy. Hmmmm...

In the meantime, I have to fathom what to do with a bowl of blackberries from the garden (tart blackberries, I might add).


Rose Red said...

um, blackberry tart?? with lots of sugar??

gosh that sock is lovely. just like lovely bingley and lovely netherfield!

Anonymous said...

oh its just GORGEOUS and so very bingley-ish! love the photo of your knitting location, i laughed out loud. if only all socks could have so much subtext!

Anonymous said...


You finished it! How many years later? And do send that heel my way if you want. I may even send it back with chocolate... :p Or you can get it to the point that I can do it when I puppysit for you. There's a thought.