Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things To Do With Cookie Cutters

I have a weakness for cookie cutters. I've been coveting Old River Road cookie cutters. One day I shall have some.

In the meantime, I've been breaking out my usual collection.

I tried out a new gluten free cookie mix and made my own coloured sugar to sprinkle on top. Mossy teapots. There's none left.

I also tried out a recipe for peanut butter cookies for a certain wee individual.

Then I tried out needle felting for the first time. And earned my first needle felting wound. They aren't kidding when they say the needles are sharp! I've been meaning to try needle felting for ages, but when I discovered that you can needle felt using cookie cutter shapes... I had to stop 'meaning to'. This is my first attempt.

He's a little fluffy, but I love the way the colours mixed. It's a great way to use the fibre samples from some of the boxes I picked up in the past, too. Hmmm... spinning. That's the other thing I've been meaning to get the knack of.

Incidentally, the henna worked out a treat. I didn't get a great deal of colour, although, oddly, once again, chestnut colour turned my hair darker rather than lighter. I'm not sure what's with that. It left my hair wonderfully soft though. The scent does linger, but I used Lush henna and it doesn't smell bad. It also washed out fairly easily. Most importantly, it didn't leave my scalp raw and painful like commercial dyes do, and still evened out the colour as I wanted.

As a final note, am I just weird, or do you sometimes look down at your cutting board and think 'huh, that looks almost like a picture from a cooking blog.' I did today while chopping up everything for my noodles and tofu.

It just looked so pretty!


Rose Red said...

Oh, those Old River Road cutters are amazing!

And I love your felted duck, too cute!

Maybe you should start up a food blog?!

drkknits said...

it is pretty. and i love your cookies, and especially love the idea of wee davie eating scotty shaped bikkies. heh.

Andrea said...

I'm jealous - my best friend banned me from needle felting for my own good. Apparently it's a death wish for anyone as clumsy as me (she's probably right!).

I hope poor Wee Davie is okay in the heat - feed him his new bikkies and throw him in a cold bath :)