Sunday, February 20, 2011

About cookies and haircuts and even some knitting

(Warning: Spoilers for Vintage Purl and Knit Love clubs ahead.)

Today is wet and stormy, making it perfect for this kind of activity.

I made some cream cheese cookies from this recipe, adapting them slightly with my flour mix (potato, corn and white rice flours), a soy cream cheese alternative and less sugar. They still came out fluffy and delicious, though by now they are a bit heavy, so perfect for dunking in tea. Tea that I usually drink a bit stronger than shown. In fact, the other day, I was really amused to find these mugs printed with colours corresponding to the different strengths of tea. Back in my temping days, I instigated the practice of pinning a paint chart over the tea tray, matching everyone's favourite brew to the camels, beiges and lattes. Apparently, one of those charts is still in use, more than a decade later!

I also made Wee Davie a second batch of Best of Breed Dog Biscuits. Now there's only one left and I'll be baking another batch. He adores them.

Speaking of whom, here he is, having just had a hair cut. (He's busy eating a bone.)

We've had a rough few days. I was really afraid that we were losing Lola, my flighty, snobbish hen. She is rallying, though. Fingers crossed. She still manages to look miffed at me for fussing over her.

And after a broken needle incident, I'm back on track with the Charm Wrap. I'm nearly up to the sleeves and am already trying to decide on new projects. I'm really tempted to try Sylvi, but I'm hitting yarn issues. I was planning to use Bendigo Woollen Mills, but the colour I want - Mallard - doesn't come in the 12 ply. I am planning to use their Luxury in 'Ghost' for the Bandha Hoodie as part of a deliberate choice to add different colours to my wardrobe. Perhaps not oddly, given that my head is always turned by bright, pretty colours, greys and browns and other neutrals are in short supply.

But I really need to catch up on some sock club knitting. I figure most everyone has the yarn by now, but I've got my parcels from the Knit Love Club and Vintage Purl Summer Club.

Isn't it odd that the colours are on a theme? Lovely, squishy goodness!

I seriously need more knitting time.


Rose Red said...

Wee Davie looks very handsome with his new hairy.

I'm glad you have the Cookie club - I thought about it but decided against! But at least I can squish it vicariously through you!

Anonymous said...

Smooshy goodness! I managed to lay off the yarn club addiction this year...

And doesn't WD look so very dapper?

Anonymous said...

oooh sock clubs! fantastic looking colours there. ive seen some of that Ghost too, its a great colour. i know what you mean about trying to use things we're not automatically attracted to. theres only so many things in red you can wear, for example. and how cute is that Wee boy in his snappy haircut! good to see he's still being spoilt rotten :)