Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sating the Need for Robin Egg Blue

I have a small problem. I have colour cravings.

This is why I have a pink house with an extraordinarily pink hallway. It's why my bedroom is bright yellow with scarlet pimpernels painted all around it.

I don't really mind my colour cravings.

But I've never before craved a shade of blue.

That changed, as I may have mentioned. The camera doesn't quite pick it up, but that shade of blue in the brown and cranberry tartan? It pops. Seriously. It's gorgeous and is going to be a new winter skirt. There's a dress there, too, in the check homespun. Gee, Mum's going to be busy...

And you can spot the corner of a pattern: Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Kira. I have my Cotton Fleece in Robin Egg Blue and I'm rolling. These pockets will soon turn into a sweet cardigan.

Speaking of colour, last night we made a simple tomato sauce for the spaghetti. These tomatoes? All from the garden! The thyme too. Best tomato sauce ever. Wee Davie wolfed it down in one of his funnier 'Tramp' moments.

Yesterday was laundry day and I think the pup was trying to help. Only, the blankets in his hamper were already clean.

Never mind.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Charm

Once upon a time, I knitted Mary Jane Mucklestone's Charm Wrap. I loved my Charm Wrap. It was cosy, practical, and I could wear it with everything, particularly jeans on a chilly day. The fit was perfection. It looked great.

But after five years of heavy wear, my Charm Wrap didn't look quite so charming. My Charm Wrap looked matted and hairy and a bit like Wee Davie after he's been rolling around in the mud outside.

As you know if you've read earlier entries, I searched and searched for the pattern, because, of course, I'd forgotten what the pattern was called. When I discovered the name - cue short lived Eureka moment - I realised I couldn't get hold of the pattern again. Until - cue long lived Eureka moment - Knitscene released its 2005 issues on CD. There was the Charm Wrap pattern. I ordered some Bendigo Woollen Mills Silky in Jade and set to work.

The new Charm Wrap! Just as, if not more, gorgeous. The colour is glorious and the Silky is a dream to knit up. Ah, it feels so good having my Charm Wrap again!

I think part of my love for the Charm Wrap is related to my love of Edwardian fashion.

Okay, these are actually images from a 1916 fashion magazine, so not strictly Edwardian, but I can't locate my Edwardian magazines right now and the fashion is on the same lines. Drape, lace, elongation.

If only I could get away with really big puffed sleeves too! Edwardian fashion makes me long for the world of Anne of Green Gables. I loved that book and sympathise entirely with Anne's longing for puffed sleeves. I lovd that she isn't a good girl and doesn't always even try to be a good girl. Sometimes she delights in being bad. Plus, of course, she has red hair. Oh, how I wanted to have red hair!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Gang in Town

Can you spot Coco and Fifi in the above picture? They're hiding. There's new chickens about.

The new chickens aren't sure why I'm chasing them with a small, silver box.

Yes, I expanded my flock! I don't know why, but grieving for Lola, it suddenly felt right. Coco and Fifi were so quiet and sad. Of course, now they're extremely nervous and in hiding...

Coco tried three times this morning to escape, each time running right into Wee Davie who thought it was all a new game. I've had to clip her wing to add insult to injury.

I will try to get better photos of the new girls later when they're more settled. There's the brown hen, Gigi, a double laced Barnevelder, who I caught devouring tomatoes. Okay, check - Gigi likes tomatoes. There's two of the light Sussex variety. One is called Lulu, the other won't stop long enough for me to decide on a name! They remind me of Snow White - all white, black and red. Gorgeous, large and flighty. Just like Lola.

I think Lola had something to do with the choice.

They won't replace her - no one can replace Lola and Mimi, but it feels good to have a proper group of hens in the back yard making all sorts of chicken noises. And who knows? Maybe I'll start getting eggs again. Ahem - Coco and Fifi, that was directed at you.

I swear there will be knitting content again soon! I've got lots of wonderful new yarn to show off (ah... well, not lots, but...) and I have been doing the odd row. It's just been a bit crazy on campus. Earning the monicker of the most overworked in the department has its funny side, but there are some nights I'd just like to sit down and knit!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lola, La-la-la-la-Lola

Today I play the Kinks' 'Lola' in honour of one dignified, flighty little hen who went with as much pizazz as she lived her life.

Can you say a chicken can leave this world with pizazz?

You can if it's Lola!

She made it quite clear that she was going to go last night and when I asked if she knew I loved her, she nodded (yes, I did ask a chicken that question and yes, she did actually nod... I'm not exaggerating). I said goodbye as she sleepily winked and she only gave me a slightly irritated look when I tried to sneak back, as if to say 'we said goodbye, it's my time now.'

I'll really miss you, Lola.

Lola who would strut the best ever silly walks, who would always insist on eating sunflower seeds from my hand and then selectively put some down on the ground for later, who would create a mess at the feed bin as she searched for her favourite seeds, who would yip and look haughty if I tried to pick her up. Lola.

At the risk of making anyone cry, the hardest thing was going out this morning to find Fifi trying to wake her up. My little brown hen looks so sad, but Coco is there with her and they're having sunflower seeds in Lola's honour.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving Tiffany Blue

I'm writing a bloody talk. It's about blood and fairy tales. Actually, it's more like I'm thinking about writing a bloody talk, because, really, there hasn't been much writing today.

I just returned from a walk with Wee Davie. I love that my dog high fives people in the streets. Really. They hold out their hand and up he jumps to high five them. I love my dog.

(No, Mum, I didn't just buy him a new collar.)

I've become obsessed with Tiffany Blue as a colour. I am seeking out yarn, eyeshadow, fabric...

I went ice skating. Furthermore, I went 80s ice skating. I relived my misspent youth of roller skating to 'Let's Hear It For the Boy' and 'What a Feeling'. I loved it.

I got some cute buttons.