Thursday, March 3, 2011

Craving Tiffany Blue

I'm writing a bloody talk. It's about blood and fairy tales. Actually, it's more like I'm thinking about writing a bloody talk, because, really, there hasn't been much writing today.

I just returned from a walk with Wee Davie. I love that my dog high fives people in the streets. Really. They hold out their hand and up he jumps to high five them. I love my dog.

(No, Mum, I didn't just buy him a new collar.)

I've become obsessed with Tiffany Blue as a colour. I am seeking out yarn, eyeshadow, fabric...

I went ice skating. Furthermore, I went 80s ice skating. I relived my misspent youth of roller skating to 'Let's Hear It For the Boy' and 'What a Feeling'. I loved it.

I got some cute buttons.


Anonymous said...

I adore your buttons.

And there is Nothing Wrong with being obsessed with Tiffany Blue.

DrK said...

amazing buttons! and i want a video of wee davie high fiving. too funny!