Thursday, March 24, 2011

A New Charm

Once upon a time, I knitted Mary Jane Mucklestone's Charm Wrap. I loved my Charm Wrap. It was cosy, practical, and I could wear it with everything, particularly jeans on a chilly day. The fit was perfection. It looked great.

But after five years of heavy wear, my Charm Wrap didn't look quite so charming. My Charm Wrap looked matted and hairy and a bit like Wee Davie after he's been rolling around in the mud outside.

As you know if you've read earlier entries, I searched and searched for the pattern, because, of course, I'd forgotten what the pattern was called. When I discovered the name - cue short lived Eureka moment - I realised I couldn't get hold of the pattern again. Until - cue long lived Eureka moment - Knitscene released its 2005 issues on CD. There was the Charm Wrap pattern. I ordered some Bendigo Woollen Mills Silky in Jade and set to work.

The new Charm Wrap! Just as, if not more, gorgeous. The colour is glorious and the Silky is a dream to knit up. Ah, it feels so good having my Charm Wrap again!

I think part of my love for the Charm Wrap is related to my love of Edwardian fashion.

Okay, these are actually images from a 1916 fashion magazine, so not strictly Edwardian, but I can't locate my Edwardian magazines right now and the fashion is on the same lines. Drape, lace, elongation.

If only I could get away with really big puffed sleeves too! Edwardian fashion makes me long for the world of Anne of Green Gables. I loved that book and sympathise entirely with Anne's longing for puffed sleeves. I lovd that she isn't a good girl and doesn't always even try to be a good girl. Sometimes she delights in being bad. Plus, of course, she has red hair. Oh, how I wanted to have red hair!

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DrK said...

i love edwardian too, minus the puffy sleeves. that colour is gorgeous, and would indeed suit a red head most perfectly.