Saturday, March 19, 2011

The New Gang in Town

Can you spot Coco and Fifi in the above picture? They're hiding. There's new chickens about.

The new chickens aren't sure why I'm chasing them with a small, silver box.

Yes, I expanded my flock! I don't know why, but grieving for Lola, it suddenly felt right. Coco and Fifi were so quiet and sad. Of course, now they're extremely nervous and in hiding...

Coco tried three times this morning to escape, each time running right into Wee Davie who thought it was all a new game. I've had to clip her wing to add insult to injury.

I will try to get better photos of the new girls later when they're more settled. There's the brown hen, Gigi, a double laced Barnevelder, who I caught devouring tomatoes. Okay, check - Gigi likes tomatoes. There's two of the light Sussex variety. One is called Lulu, the other won't stop long enough for me to decide on a name! They remind me of Snow White - all white, black and red. Gorgeous, large and flighty. Just like Lola.

I think Lola had something to do with the choice.

They won't replace her - no one can replace Lola and Mimi, but it feels good to have a proper group of hens in the back yard making all sorts of chicken noises. And who knows? Maybe I'll start getting eggs again. Ahem - Coco and Fifi, that was directed at you.

I swear there will be knitting content again soon! I've got lots of wonderful new yarn to show off (ah... well, not lots, but...) and I have been doing the odd row. It's just been a bit crazy on campus. Earning the monicker of the most overworked in the department has its funny side, but there are some nights I'd just like to sit down and knit!


Anonymous said...

ooh shiny! lovely looking girls you have there. i know what you mean about the time thing, it seems to me that in academia, success equals no life. not the choice i want to make.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are beautiful... and I hope you have some time off soon...