Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sating the Need for Robin Egg Blue

I have a small problem. I have colour cravings.

This is why I have a pink house with an extraordinarily pink hallway. It's why my bedroom is bright yellow with scarlet pimpernels painted all around it.

I don't really mind my colour cravings.

But I've never before craved a shade of blue.

That changed, as I may have mentioned. The camera doesn't quite pick it up, but that shade of blue in the brown and cranberry tartan? It pops. Seriously. It's gorgeous and is going to be a new winter skirt. There's a dress there, too, in the check homespun. Gee, Mum's going to be busy...

And you can spot the corner of a pattern: Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Kira. I have my Cotton Fleece in Robin Egg Blue and I'm rolling. These pockets will soon turn into a sweet cardigan.

Speaking of colour, last night we made a simple tomato sauce for the spaghetti. These tomatoes? All from the garden! The thyme too. Best tomato sauce ever. Wee Davie wolfed it down in one of his funnier 'Tramp' moments.

Yesterday was laundry day and I think the pup was trying to help. Only, the blankets in his hamper were already clean.

Never mind.


drkknits said...

cuuuute puppie. i see he has a squeaky burger. they are a big hit here. love that blue, i really love blue and brown together.

artificiallymythic said...

I love the blue and brown, and the tomatoes, and I want to come and be your PA, and play with your puppy!