Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feathers and Silk

Wee Davie just picked up his biscuit, looked outside, and hurriedly backtracked. It's wet and cold out there. In fact, earlier I went to check on the hens and found little Fifi snuggled down between Lulu and Cosette, presumably using them as big feathery duvets!

In rain and cold, my new silk still arrived. It's from Dye For Yarn, who has the most beautiful colours and the most amazing names for the yarn. My silk is 'Trapped in a Night's Wish'. It actually looks more purple than it photographs.

It is destined, with luck, to turn into this. This time, I'm going to be a little more careful about size!


artificiallymythic said...

oooh! Shiny! That is beautiful yarn. What's the ply?

And that's such a beautiful photo of your chooks - I love it!

Rose Red said...

Oh that is BEAUTIFUL - both the yarn and the pattern.

drkknits said...

oh my goodness, what a gorgeous pattern, and will look so beautiful in that yarn. your fifi is a smart girl!