Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Friend Who Likes Star Wars Had a Baby

Yes, I'm afraid that my friend, who likes Star Wars, having a baby did absolutely mean that I had to dress his baby up as Yoda. Young Jedi, he is. Wear Yoda hat, he must.

Thus was born the awesome Yoda Layette that I hinted at a couple of posts ago. All knitted out of Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury, a ball each of Bracken and Mink. There's the:

Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy

You Seek Yoda Hat
Baby Yoda Sweater

I chuckled. A little dark force in me, there was. But honestly, how sweet is that bottle cozy? It is complete with hooded robe.

And yes, incidentally, I do have one of these bags too.


Rose Red said...

Knit those items, you must.

Especially love the bottle cosy, that is too cool!

Zachary Kendal said...

They are fantastic! I award you *epic nerd points* for knitting those.

yoel said...

Very cute they are!

Maria said...

So very cute. It must have been difficult to write this post, bet lots of thought went into it. Or just a wonderful Jedi day!!!

DrK said...

oh my god so incredibly cute!! laughed out loud, i did!

artificiallymythic said...

Awesome. Sheer... awesome. :D

John said...

As said friend, it is only fitting that I provide some action shots in the days to come.

A milk cozy, it is. Warming milk, it does.