Sunday, May 1, 2011

Someone has to be responsible

Okay, time to confess. Who has been sneaking over and giving my hens wire cutters? At first they settled for cheekily flying over the fence. Now they're somehow managing to break through the fence. There they are, out on the back lawn, heading to the vegetable patch... again.

It's like a scene from Chicken Run.

Maybe they got hold of the DVD?

I've been off the grid the last week or two. Not for a fun reason. Oh, I wish it had been for a fun reason! But no. The only fun part has been pottering around all day in pjs with a genuine excuse as to why I can't lift more than a pair of knitting needles or a comic book. In fact, earlier, I tried to lift three novels... not a good idea. I hear it gets better, though.

While I've been away from home, the hens - those rascally hens - have been sunning themselves.

And Wee Davie turned one! He celebrated with a big bone. He is now refining his mature, thoughtful expression and plans to write odes to his bone.

And I did do some knitting. Some of it I can't show you yet, but it's truly awesome. Some of it isn't finished yet, but when I watch Doctor Who for the second time this weekend, I plan to get closer to finishing it. Incidentally, now that I've had one of those big birthdays, I think it's time I become as amazing as River Song.

But I'm also starting, at last, to do something about the yarn clubs piling up! I pinched the sock yarn from the second installment of Vintage Purls' summer sock club to knit the final pattern, because I've never knitted gloves and this pattern made me want desperately to knit gloves, and the blue...

Oh the blue...

The blue is incredible.

You should see this blue in real life.

Yes, yes, so far, I'm still on the iCord. But, it is a start.


Rose Red said...

Perhaps you need to pull those chickens in line with threats of chicken pot pie!! Or maybe that would have the opposite effect, and make them even more desperate for escape?

drkknits said...

oh i am sorry to hear you have been less than well/mobile. i hope you are recovering ok. chickens can get a little bolshie if not closely monitored. perhaps wee davie has been letting them out for his own sport! happy birthday to the little thing too!

yoel said...

Your chickens are so funny! Is there one with knitting needles?

Happy birthday Davie!