Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabric Stashing

Sometimes, you see fabric design that is just... awesome.

Tula Pink is my new favourite fabric designer for her Prince Charming collection. I could frame this fabric and stare at it all day long. And it pays off, because wrapped subtly in the design are some magical creatures.

I think I will frame some. Or make pillows. Something to gaze at in wonder.

Like yesterday's lunch - look away vegetarians (I've also made sure my hens are out of eyesight).

Isn't that pretty? I had some grading I wasn't looking forward to, so I thought a special lunch might cheer me up. I was inspired by this chicken here, but I don't own a skillet. It didn't matter. Even Wee Davie bounced enthusiastically. And I have left overs!


DrK said...

yum and double yum. gorgeous fabric, and that chicken. drool. thanks for the link, definitely putting that on the menu!

artificiallymythic said...

I love your fabric. And I *adore* your gorgeous looking lunch.

Will miss you in NSW, but maybe I'll see you somewhere else sometime else. :)