Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Crafty Time Travelling

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, for some reason, it's my Edwardian shawls that are getting the most use. So I figured... what's the harm in collecting a few more Edwardian magazines? It's rather fun to time travel.

I mean, seriously, this 1906 The Modern Priscilla - look at that lace dress! That is a stunning lace dress.

And there's a beautiful shawl. I just have to copy it off for Mum's clever fingers.

Most fun of all, perhaps, are the advertisements. And you thought botox and anti-wrinkle mumbo-gumbo was new. Don't you love the sound of Rinkelout? Come on, that's clever. Just say it out loud! And it's absolutely harmless. Not to mention ads for perfect busts!

It's funny how far back this type of thing goes. There's a 17th century tale by Basile, 'The Old Woman Who was Skinned.' Two ugly old crones attempt to make themselves youthful in order to sleep with the king. One of the old women smooths out all her wrinkles by tying her skin in a knot. Ouch. The other is tricked into skinning herself to look young. Double ouch.

The advertisements also rather amuse me in terms of their bluntness regarding 'fat people'. There's even the old 'before and after' in the add for 'Fat Folks'. Oh dear...

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