Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shoes and Old Knitting Content

It's been busy, so I've really only been able to sneak a row or two of actual knitting in. That means, either old knitting content or simply no blog post at all. And there were a few things I wanted to show.

Like these:

I found my perfect fairy tale boots! I had to bring in the FBI, but they were tracked down, paid for and delivered. Wee Davie made a beeline for the box, as though he knew they contained very gorgeous boots. I unpacked them in awe... and half a house away from the pup's teeth.

And no, I haven't advanced more than a row on those gloves, but one day, they will be beautiful gloves. And they made me feel better about the knitting content of this post.

In the meantime, the Charmed Wrap is wearing well. The yarn, Bendigo Woollen Mills Silky, has a lovely aura now and is washing up well. I love how the sleeves cover your fingers on cold days.

And yes, I mostly decided to show the wear of the Charmed Wrap so that I could sneak in a word about how much I like my new nail polish. It's now all chipped and awful from various things I've been doing, but for one day, it looked quite nice.

I've mostly been busy in meetings and at home on the computer, because it's that time of year when academics are tortured by tying up one semester, preparing for the next and planning for the following year. This process has been exasperated by something I'll be blogging next month. But for now, when I look under the desk, this is usually what I see:

It's that toy or one of his disco balls and inevitably involves an hour playing fetch while typing with one hand.

Still, he is cute with his disco balls! (I'm trying to keep the 12 year old boy at bay.) I did make him some new cookies - carrot and peanut butter in the shape of shoes. These are a great success.


Rose Red said...

Oh my! Look at those boots! They are indeed superfantastic! Well worth calling in the Feds for!

Maria said...

Fairy tale boots indeed - must have's actually '-)

artificiallymythic said...

I love your fairy tale boots! They are stunning!!!!

And that is a pic of the Wee One worth framing. It's fantastic!

drkknits said...

spoiled cute little puppy with his special bikkies! but hes cute, so... and ohmygod, those BOOTS! if you click your heels together do they take you away to some magical place where there are no essays to mark? they look like they should. hope things improve soon.