Sunday, June 5, 2011

There is sooooo much to knit

You have those moments as a knitter, don't you? There are so many great patterns (I won't mention the 21 currently sitting in my Ravelry cart waiting for me to weaken). There is so much pretty yarn. But only one pair of hands.

That stops you short.

One pair of hands for all those patterns and all that yarn???

Not to mention that people keep expecting that pair of hands to be engaged in other stuff, like filling in paperwork, writing, reading, doing dishes, playing ball with wee dogs, making dinner planting seeds for Romanesco broccoli and such.

Still, I am relaxing my urge to wrangle WIPs, because I really did want to start some of the club projects while the clubs were running. So, I did get a start on Fiyero from Knit Love Sock Club 2011. It's been out for a while, so I won't put the spoiler on here. Besides, I'm still a few rows from the first repeat. But oh my it's pretty! The cables are fiddly, but it's gorgeous. The green! Alice dyes fantastic yarn!

And I am making progress on my Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club installment of Betelgeuse (technically, I started when the club was running and that's good enough for me). It's almost impossible to get the right photo of it, though. I'll keep working on that. (Incidentally, you can see it sitting upon some of my current work... this would be the fun part of my work rather than the non fun, almost always paperwork related part of my work - namely, Italo Calvino's fairy tale collection.)

And because somehow fingering weight yarn just doesn't cut it on cold nights when you want something warm and snuggly in your hands while you watch Doctor Who, I finally started my Raggedy Doctor scarf in Malabrigo Ravelry Red. It's Amy Pond's scarf from 'The Pandorica Opens.' Amy has had some fairly wicked scarves. I won't do her short skirts, but I can do her scarves! Which is why I just got my hands on Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns because I wanted Frost Flowers in hard copy in order to recreate the 'Vincent and the Doctor' scarf. I'm resisting, however, casting it on, since I'm still beavering away at my other TARDIS inspired scarf (the blue one... I'm not even counting this red cabled beauty).


Rose Red said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about knitting and time....sigh! Eachnof your wipe are gorgeous! Such fab colours and patterns!

DrK said...

oh that pandorica scarf is gorgeous! cant wait to see that done. do you have a linky for the vincent and the dr scarf, that was pretty much my favourite episode ever. and yay for italo calvino... "if on a winters night..." is one of my faves!

Andrea said...

I loved the Vincent episode scarf as well - an excellent choice. Just one question though - how on earth can you knit during the current series?!? I spent the last two weekends with my jaw on the floor (we're following a day behind the UK so I won't give it away!) and a half hour crying jag along with nightmares!

artificiallymythic said...

*sigh* That is all.

WildflowerWool said...

Yes, if only we had more time for all of those projects! I like the socks and scarf you have on the needles now.