Sunday, July 3, 2011

Raindrops on Snowdrops

It is entirely possible I built up the aforementioned 'The Plan' a bit too much. But it made me smile. Remember my Bingley socks? Remember how a certain Artificially Mythic nagged me into starting the second sock after I finished the first in... ah... January? Well, yesterday I noticed that the snowdrops were out and recalled that I was at just about the same place on the Bingley socks when they had a photoshoot around just this time in... ah.... oops, 2009. So... I recreated the shot with the second sock! It's not exactly the same. I can probably totally recreate the shot in the next couple of days, but I'm not 100% sure I'll get the chance, as much will be happening, so... in the meantime... I give you...

Second Bingley in progress in the snowdrops!

I'm much more confident this sock around. The great thing about projects like this is that you can see how you've grown as a knitter by how you approach the second sock. In the meantime, I've tackled more difficult patterns that have helped me to understand the knitting logic of this pattern - a logic I loved, but found challenging first time around. Now those tricky 'ktog with 4th st to right's just slip off the needle with ease.

The only thing? I'm going to really really miss these socks when they're done. I love these socks. These socks have awesome memories of Chatsworth and Lyme Hall knitted into them, not to mention the perfect fusion of Bingley yarn to Netherfield pattern. Somewhere, I do have the Jane Bennett yarn and I might have to dig it out for a matching shawlette to make me feel better about missing Bingley.


In fact, mid-post, I went and trawled through stash for Jane and ran outside to take a photo of her by the snowdrops, which is slightly blurry, because my neighbours started to look at me weird for taking a photo of a hank of yarn in the garden in the rain...

Which shawlette? You have only a couple of days to give me suggestions! She must be cast on in a couple of weeks time. It's a good luck thing.


Rose Red said...

Go Bingley!

As for Jane ... Hmmm ... I think she might look best in one of those long skinny small shawls, sticking stitch with an edging? There must be a snowdrop lace edging you could use?

Anonymous said...

oh bingley. oh jane. swoon. i was thinking one of those romi hill 'seven small shawls' maybe? or else a vintage kind of scarf, something from VLT if you have it?

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Progress! You may miss them, but then you can cast on something pretty like the the Chartres, or something equally as stunning. Like the TARDIS socks, and take another 4 years to finish them. :)

And you forgot the dash of The Princess Bride that was knitted into the heel of your first Bingley.

Your Jane is indeed swoonworthy! So. Very. Envious!

Gidgetknits said...

Thanks for the suggestions so far! The seven small shawls do look pretty... and I'm also thinking Vesna from the Twist Collective, although now I'm wondering about whether it'll carry the variegation in Jane... Oh help! And yes, artificiallymythic, I entirely plan to take 4 years on the TARDIS socks!!