Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wee Davie is currently running around the room with a rattling ball. He is having the time of his life chasing it, batting it, carrying it. He's playing. Playing is great.

Why do we so often give up play as adults? We all know how important playing is.

These last couple of days, I've been playing.

I've been playing dress-up 1920s style with my new hat, knitted by my friend S (seriously, how adorable is this hat? I feel like I'm in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel when I put it on!).

I've been putting on my bright blue shoes and striding about, clippity clop.

And I've gone to my first hoop dance class. It takes place in a dance studio and those mirrors are terrifying! But can I confess I was always a little envious of the girls doing rhythmic gymnastics? I couldn't do gymnastics. Tuck and roll? Impossible. Cartwheels? Not likely. But hooping doesn't necessarily involve all those gymnastics, just the cool stuff that I really wanted to do, like twirling hoops and skipping through them. I kind of stunk at my first class, but that's okay. It was the first class and at least I got the hoop moving. And I bought a sparkly green hoop to make myself look good while I stink at hooping! It was kind of fun carrying it home on the train. You do get the funniest looks.

I was just trying to convince Wee Davie to jump through the hoop, but he's not convinced. He's more a ball guy.


Rose Red said...

Cute shoes! Cute hat! Cute hoop! I suddenly feel the need for some cute shoes in my life!

WildflowerWool said...

VERY cute hat!

drkknits said...

such a great idea! i used to pretty good with the hoop but i think the self conscious adult would get the better of me these days. and what is it with boys and balls :)

Gidgetknits said...

Oh, I was so waiting for someone to come up with the boys and balls gag!