Friday, September 23, 2011

Bath Day and River Song

Wee Davie had a bath this morning.

What is so adorable about a puppy having a bath? They look so danged cute. I think it's a plot on their part. Because inevitably, at some point during the bath, you're cooing at the winsome, soppy puppy, all distracted, and that's when they pounce - and run away.

So, yes, he's running around the back yard now with soap suds still adorning his behind.

In other news, this week, I bought a house!

This is my front door - sort of. I'm not moving into the house yet - this is part of a more convoluted, longer term plot. However, I do have a house! And I do have a plot!

It feels very grown up having a house and a mortgage. Since I'd been joking that I'd grow up to be River Song and since my house is coincidentally trimmed in TARDIS blue, it's been dubbed 'The River Song'. It's gorgeous. I like my plot.

To celebrate my new house, I had a yarn margarita. It's the Black Sea colourway and a gorgeous deep teal that is impossible to photograph. It will become beautiful socks in which I will some day patter about The River Song.

And just because, one more picture of Wee Davie having his bath.


Rose Red said...

Wow! Congratulations on the house! I think The River Song is a wonderful name for your home to be.

drkknits said...

Oh River Song!! How fantastic! i hope it completely lives up to its namesake! and he is just adorable!

and, guess what my security word is? knitings! i kid you not.

Shelley said...

I absolutely loved that my letter came from "The River Song" - looking forward to seeing what your fantastic mother comes up for "my" room. ;)