Friday, October 28, 2011

Come along, Ponds!

The Ponds are done! Dusted! In glorious green goodness!

Wee Davie approved, even though he thought I should be much more interested in kicking his ball than taking silly sock photos.

Finding my final sock blocked and ready, I took a break from grading to do the photo shoot. It's so nice and sunny and the grass sets off the gorgeousness of the yarn. Seriously, I love Sokkusu!

So, these are from the Knit Love Sock Club 2011: 'Fiyero' (think Wicked), in LFB Sokkusu. I repurposed them for a Doctor Who reference, of course. Like Wicked, but love Doctor Who.

And don't they look great by the burgeoning vegetable patch?

I love these socks. Springy, incredibly green - you want to dive into the depth of this colour - and comfy. The pattern is intricate and I admit, towards the end of the second sock, I was growing impatient, but it's just adorable. These socks make you feel clever. I like socks that make you feel clever.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I've been reading The Brilliant Book 2012. Neil Gaiman has been adding some facts about the Corsair that make me want to read/see/hear a plethora of Corsair stories! Please!

Last night I also crossed off one of my ambitions. I popped off to see QI Live. There was such a friendly, fun atmosphere in the theatre and I can listen to Stephen Fry merrily ramble forever! Alan Davies was also most silly. The world truly needs a little more silliness. I just wish the guy in front hadn't perched his sunglasses on top of his head...


Rose Red said...

Your Ponds look most delicious! I have come to Doctor Who a bit late but I have to confess to a wee crush on Matt Smith as the Doctor.

drkknits said...

oh the ponds are fabulous. i swear, you are like the quickest sock knitter ever! and always so complicated and fancy! and so glad you had a great time at QI, it must have been so much fun (i would have knocked those sunglasses off myself, but anyway!)

artificiallymythic said...

You're a sock knitting machine!