Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Farewell Lulu


I wish I could stop writing these posts.

Rest in peace, Lulu. You were very young and very nutty and we'll all miss you. Especially Fifi, to whom you were a most excellent fluffy, feather duvet.

I've been feeling like an absolutely dreadful hen mother. The day before I nipped away for a quick trip, Lulu was looking rather sad and lethargic, though as you'll see from the photo above, the day before that, everyone had been happily pottering about the yard as normal. That's Lulu on the step, all white and black. The only clue is that Lulu's comb was a little dull, but it had been since I'd had her, so that hadn't tipped me off to something more serious. Then the day I left, my neighbour pointed out that she really wasn't looking good and I had to agree. I tried a few quick tricks and remedies, but alas, after I left, she rapidly deteriorated and was gone the following day. I suspect she had a respiratory problem - her breathing apparently sounded awful on her final day. Last week, there was a lot of wet, damp weather and although they have dry places to hang out, it may have been too much for her. At least, that's my assumption. It was so very, very quick.

My grandfather did reassure me that these things happen and there's not much to be done. The remaining girls are all looking happy and healthy.

So I'll leave you with - in hindsight - a rather pensive photo of the lovely Lulu, one that made me smile when I took it because she was posing!

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Rose Red said...

Awwww, I'm sorry about LuLu, she looked a lovely chicken.