Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Helping Hand

I'm a big fan of Socktopus. She ran the sweetest, most friendly little shop in London once upon a time. I'm in her Knit Love Sock Club at the moment and although I am way behind, I'll have those green socks to show you soon! She has a book newly out. I'm just waiting for my copy. And her yarn...

Her yarn...

Her yarn is good enough to eat apparently.

Honestly, I was just taking my 'Vintage' Sokkusu outside to photograph so I could show you how gorgeous the yarn is. The wee one was busy playing with his basketball, but spontaneously ran over and tried to eat it. I'm pleased to report that it survived and will be knitted up into some awfully cute socks... just as soon as I have time.

Why am I telling you how much I love Alice's work? Well, at the moment, she's taking care of a tiny pup who has had a rough start in life. It's so nice to follow her blog and see the pup looking happier and happier each post. So, as if this wasn't enough, Alice has started fundraising for Hong Kong Dog Rescue (with some really generous encouragement in the form of give aways, but, really, we are doing it for the dogs!). I read her blog post and got a little teary, so I wanted to pass along the word in my own small way. It's such a great idea and I hope she reaches her goal really soon!

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WildflowerWool said...

Glad your skien survived!