Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mothers Look Away

Well, actually, I only need one mother to look away. So while she's doing that, let me share with you an image of two carrots cuddling...

Yes, in fact, it is weird in my vegetable patch. But I figure weird in a good way.

I finished Mum's birthday socks! I've been calling them 'sparkly legwarmers' for the last month, but she has caught on that I'm knitting socks. I don't think she's caught on as to which socks I'm knitting.

That's me this morning, desperately knitting so I have enough days to block the final sock before I wrap them up. I'm eating a chocolate chip blondie, but not just any chocolate chip blondie. These are seriously healthy. Don't believe me? Look at the recipe. And don't be cynical or you'll miss out on the most amazing, chewy, taste explosion.

Anyway, although one sock is still unblocked, this is how they turned out.

The pattern is Vintage Purls, "Nightingale." Staggering wow factor, right? They're knitted up in purple Malabrigo sock and pink yarn from The Yarn Cafe, now Evoke Yarns.

These socks were made for some serious, sassy walkin'!

They are a bit loose on me. That's intentional. Mum and I aren't the same size. There is some guesswork going on here, but fingers crossed.

After all, I could almost decide not to gift them, they're that comfortable!


Rose Red said...

*gorgeous!* (choirs of angels sing in the background!)

What a lovely daughter you are! What a lucky mum!

drkknits said...

they are absolutely stunning. i cant beleve you went to all that effort for socks but they are so worth it! lucky mum indeed.