Monday, November 14, 2011

Red Booties

Whenever I hear that a little girl is going to be born now, I whip up a concoction of red yarn and buttons. Because every girl needs to start life with red footwear, correct? After all, even Cinderella's slippers are made of red velvet (do yourself a favour and catch D'Aulnoy's Finette Cendron, which is far more fun than the Perrault or the Grimms versions).

I haven't actually blocked these yet, but they looked so dang cute sitting on the book I was working from today, that I snapped a quick photo. It's been quite mad of late and knitting booties has been quick and gratifying. They're Saartje's Bootees again (and I can easily believe there are 11000 pairs of these bootees and counting), this time in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 'Sunrise'.

I do have something peculating away. It's a big, exciting project for me and a steep learning curve is definitely involved. Now that all the upcoming tiny toes are taken care of, I'm all focus!


Rose Red said...

They are SO CUTE! And yes, every baby should start out with red shoes!

drkknits said...

absolutely yes, we should all wear red shoes, all the time. these are just too cute, lucky baby!