Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sneaking towards the stash...

Finished! I bound off the Through the Loops Mystery Socks. Shhhh... don't look here. These are totally 2011 Mystery Socks. They're definitely not 2010...

I've called them my 'Grapiness' socks, because Knitabulous's 'Purple Palace' is fully of grape-y goodness. Cute, aren't they? I admit, the cables on the cuffs were a pain, but they are just worth it. And having tackled a few cabled socks inbetween, the second sock definitely went much faster.

I'm on a mission to try to clear WIPs, so I'm trying very hard not to sneak back to the stash and pick something new and pretty. See how my willpower is holding out???

Okay, back to grading papers. I've got a chorizo and baked egg dish cooking for lunch, which will hopefully see me through an afternoon of avid reading.

1 comment:

Rose Red said...

Get thee away from the stash! Keep going on the wips! It is so worth it! (says she who cast on a new pair of socks today ... In my defence, they are for husby for Christmas!).

Great purple cabley goodness!