Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sneak Peek at 2012

These aren't the best photos, particularly since the knitting is still on the needles and it's too hot to really bother for long messing about with pins. However, it is the start of 'The Doctor's Wife' sampler shawl and so far, it's going according to plan. Well, aside from that glitch a few rows back... shhhhhhh...

Anyway, sorry for the apologies and bad photos, but I couldn't resist putting some photos up to mark the end of 2011.

Those boxes even out when properly stretched - the pins weren't quite doing the job and I was a little worried about stitches falling off the other end. The 'Sexy Edging' (it takes a cue from the Tilting TARDIS cowl and its use of the tilting ladders pattern, though I played about with it some more) is looking a bit off kilter here too, but I still smile when I look at the little lights on top of the TARDISes. I love that I'm currently measuring the shawl in TARDISes (10 along the short edge). It should become a valid form of measurement.

'The Doctor's Wife' is one of my all time favourite episodes. One day, the ideas of the sampler shawl and 'The Doctor's Wife' snapped together in my head and I had the basic idea. I've got most of the patterns roughed out already, but oh, there's such a lot of knitting and math to be done!

I also have a soft spot for 'The Doctor's Wife' since I gave a paper a few years ago in the UK about the TARDIS, arguing she's alive and female, much more powerful than the Doctor (she sees everything in time and space), and that she is his ultimate, if you like, companion - cough, 'wife.'

Anyway, time to start New Year's Eve prep. We're having a Pushing Daisies marathon. Fingers crossed for 2012 being a great year.


Anonymous said...

i hope that finger crossing pays off! the Drs Wife, great episode, very symbolic shawl. look forward to seeing how it pans out!

Anonymous said...

I'm *so* looking forward to test knitting that Sexy thing. :p

Rose Red said...

I agree, the Tardis is definitely female!

Well, I guess the Doctor has two hearts, one for each of his wives.

Look forward to seeing how your Doctor's Wife turns out.