Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rainbows and Booties

I had a birthday. It was a big birthday. It was such a big birthday, it needed rainbow cupcakes.

Making the rainbow cupcakes was half the fun. It is very cool to have multiple bowls of brightly coloured cake mix. How good all that food colouring actually is for you is another question that need not be considered when making rainbow cupcakes for your birthday.

Look at the cute cupcakes! I did put icing on them. I scraped the icing off a bit later. It was purported to be the best icing in the world, but since I had to dairy and gluten-free it, it was probably my fault it wasn't the best icing in the world. Usually, I can adapt. Not this time. And the violet came out too grey-ish. You can't have grey icing on these cupcakes... although, I guess... rainbows do come out in grey clouds?

Oh, but look what the rainbows are like inside! My mother's first reaction? "I need sunglasses - I think I've been blinded." Ha. She should have been expected that my rainbow cupcakes would be anything but subtle! (Excuse me a moment - my puppy is trying to pull my jeans off... just a minute... there, go chase your squirrels.)

And, in preparation for a birthday due in a month or two, I knitted up some bright red booties out of some Bendigo Woollen Mills' Luxury (in 'Fire') I unearthed in their sale room. I love red booties! When I began knitting, I spotted the odd red bootie and fell in love with the concept. It's never too young to learn about the power of red shoes.

The pattern is Julia Noskova's 'First Step Baby Booties'. I fell in love with their steampunkiness. The pattern is pretty easy, too. It only took me a couple of nights to whip these up and I wasn't working that hard at it. I added little brass buttons with roses on them.

I think they're adorable.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Can Knit Pockets!

Look at that! It's a pocket! It's a pocket in my new cardigan. Pockets are easy! I've aced pockets! Well, simple pockets, at least.

In other news, I've also used up a good percentage of the world's exclamation marks.

However, in all seriousness, there was something akin to the magic of turning one's first heel in discovering the secret of the knitted in pocket. And who doesn't love having pockets in their clothing? It also felt wonderful having a knitting day. I met most of my immediate deadlines in a series of late nights at the computer, so I gave myself most of the weekend to knit. It's felt good to be producing stitches again. Plus, I've been able to catch up on some SGU and Warehouse 13. I had a little moment earlier when I realised Claudia was wearing a Les Mis T-shirt. I was once a Les Mis geek. This was fantastic.

Last night, though, I devastated my puppy. I didn't put any tomato in Wee Davie's dinner. Consequently, at around 9pm, he came running in, skiddling along the mat, a green tomato from the garden in his mouth. Message received. Tomato is still a must for the pup's dinner... or he'll just go and get his own tomato.

But it's so adorable walking him in the late afternoon now. It's like walking two pups. Wee Davie and his shadow.