Friday, September 23, 2011

Bath Day and River Song

Wee Davie had a bath this morning.

What is so adorable about a puppy having a bath? They look so danged cute. I think it's a plot on their part. Because inevitably, at some point during the bath, you're cooing at the winsome, soppy puppy, all distracted, and that's when they pounce - and run away.

So, yes, he's running around the back yard now with soap suds still adorning his behind.

In other news, this week, I bought a house!

This is my front door - sort of. I'm not moving into the house yet - this is part of a more convoluted, longer term plot. However, I do have a house! And I do have a plot!

It feels very grown up having a house and a mortgage. Since I'd been joking that I'd grow up to be River Song and since my house is coincidentally trimmed in TARDIS blue, it's been dubbed 'The River Song'. It's gorgeous. I like my plot.

To celebrate my new house, I had a yarn margarita. It's the Black Sea colourway and a gorgeous deep teal that is impossible to photograph. It will become beautiful socks in which I will some day patter about The River Song.

And just because, one more picture of Wee Davie having his bath.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update from the Hen House

I'm getting eggs again! Okay, for a short while a few weeks ago, Cosette was laying. But then she got broody. She is still quite broody. She's not sitting on an egg, though. I've tried to explain to her that to be properly broody, she should at least be sitting on an egg. She's having none of it.

In the meantime, Gigi started laying and then, lo and behold, Fifi, whom we considered retired, started to lay her little white eggs. Except... I think she feels competition from Gigi, since she's laying strangely 'long' eggs...

Fifi is still making herself cosy at night between her feather duvets, namely Lulu and Gigi. The smallest hen is, naturally, queen of the coop. Although she had competition from Wee Davie for pancakes this morning. Watching the two vie for pancakes is priceless.

I'm knitting a present, so I can't show any work in progress and it means that I've slowed down on my Fiyero sock progress too. But isn't it pretty? I pulled it out and realised it rather nicely matched my hoop.

I'm still pretty lousy at hooping. I can get some tricks, but I still send the hoop spinning across the room at regular intervals. And then I get an attack of giggles. And then the hoop goes spinning off across the room again! Or across the yard, if I'm practising at home. I'm just worried I'll have to pop next door and shamefacedly ask for my hoop back...

Wee Davie, of course, doesn't consider hooping should get in the way of his soccer practice. So I'm spinning a hoop over my head and he kicks the ball over to my feet, then waits expectantly for me to kick it back. The spinning hoop means nothing to him.

"Dear teacher, my hoop practice was interrupted by my dog."