Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sneak Peek at 2012

These aren't the best photos, particularly since the knitting is still on the needles and it's too hot to really bother for long messing about with pins. However, it is the start of 'The Doctor's Wife' sampler shawl and so far, it's going according to plan. Well, aside from that glitch a few rows back... shhhhhhh...

Anyway, sorry for the apologies and bad photos, but I couldn't resist putting some photos up to mark the end of 2011.

Those boxes even out when properly stretched - the pins weren't quite doing the job and I was a little worried about stitches falling off the other end. The 'Sexy Edging' (it takes a cue from the Tilting TARDIS cowl and its use of the tilting ladders pattern, though I played about with it some more) is looking a bit off kilter here too, but I still smile when I look at the little lights on top of the TARDISes. I love that I'm currently measuring the shawl in TARDISes (10 along the short edge). It should become a valid form of measurement.

'The Doctor's Wife' is one of my all time favourite episodes. One day, the ideas of the sampler shawl and 'The Doctor's Wife' snapped together in my head and I had the basic idea. I've got most of the patterns roughed out already, but oh, there's such a lot of knitting and math to be done!

I also have a soft spot for 'The Doctor's Wife' since I gave a paper a few years ago in the UK about the TARDIS, arguing she's alive and female, much more powerful than the Doctor (she sees everything in time and space), and that she is his ultimate, if you like, companion - cough, 'wife.'

Anyway, time to start New Year's Eve prep. We're having a Pushing Daisies marathon. Fingers crossed for 2012 being a great year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Figgy Pudding

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas" is playing in a loop in my head. This may or may not be a good thing.

However, it did enable me to sprint through my Miss Marple socks! They're done! In record time for me. I got a little obsessed, you see.

They're from Cookie A.'s knit. sock. love. as you may know by now. I took a photo last night, but the colour of the yarn came out a little dull, so this morning, I braved heading out with a camera, new socks and a wet Scot. The Vintage Purls 'Oneirology' now shows its pretty colours.

And I love the way the lace winds around as it leads into the heel.

As the Scot and I walked last night, we ran into the parcel delivery van. The guy rushed out with a parcel. "But we don't live here!" I protested. "I know. (Rattles off my address) I recognised you." That should probably concern me more than it does, particularly since he has on occasion caught me in my pjs.

Nonetheless, it meant I got to carry a lovely squashy parcel home that contained my Knitsch and some very cool presents care of my favourite Honorary Ninja Sheep. Isn't the Knitsch thoroughly gorgeous? There is 'Beatrice', because between having seen Much Ado on stage earlier this year, now having it downloaded safely to my computer, and looking forward to Joss Whedon's film... I'm all about Much Ado and Beatrice has always been one of my favourite Shakespearean characters. She's just too cool. She's the best friend you'd love to have.

The 'Deep Thought' is destined for Doctor Who socks. It's more 10th Doctor TARDIS. Speaking of which, I did finish my TARDIS snowflake garland and I couldn't be happier with it.

I especially like the way this snow flake turned out. [Note: Oh, I did adapt the snowflakes from ones I saw online, but do you think I can find those particular snowflakes again? If I do, I'll definitely link back again!]

So, everyone, have a great Christmas! I don't go in for retrospectives or new year's resolutions. I will only say, 2011 as a year didn't quite work for me. There was great stuff afoot, too! But things just went a little haywire. I won't mind changing calendars all that much.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Last night I went to see Neil Gaiman and Tom Stoppard. The night before I was at a Christmas party. This morning, I'm armed with coffee and aspirin and thinking about 'The Great Clean-up' that I have to achieve today before visitors come rolling in tomorrow.

Incidentally, last night was brilliant. I swear, Neil Gaiman is one of the few authors who can threaten to send in the hounds on his audience and his audience would let him. And he talked about 'The Doctor's Wife,' which made me peculiarly happy.

As an added bonus, on the train, I knitted up the cuff of my second Pointelle sock. I decided to actively participate in The Southern Summer of Socks this time around. It wouldn't have anything to do with the Knitsch on offer. No siree. However, it did mean I dug out my half started Pointelle sock (from Cookie A's Knit Sock Love) in Vintage Purl's 'Oneirology'. I started ages and ages ago and things went badly wrong. I looked at it, I squished it - it really is the softest, loveliest yarn. I ripped right back. I started again, full of purpose. I went wrong again. I took a breath. I ripped right back again. I started again, full of more purpose. I went wrong again...

But, well, the curse lifted. I sensibly stuck a large post-it note on the chart so I wouldn't start reading the wrong row and look, I ended up with a sock already!

I have no idea why I required all those false starts. Once I was settled in with the post-it note, the sock flew. In the background, you can also see my first finished Chick Flick sock. Hey, who said I had to finish a proper pair? Well, I think one of the moderators on the Southern Summer of Socks might have said something about that... (whistles to herself).

The designing is going well too and I'm hoping to start showing some photos, because, let's face it, I'm going to be a while at it and I might as well show it off in the meantime.

Just like Wee Davie is showing off his new coat. It's by Made by De. Yes, it is summer, hence, this is a cooling coat. Dampened down with water, it holds in the cool for hot Scots. Hot Scots who today have to have a bath in the middle of 'The Great Clean-up'. Yes, this means I'll probably have a muddy Scot rampaging over newly cleaned floors. I'll have to think this plan out some more...

I've also put aside for a short while the plans to decorate with many TARDIS snowflakes.

This is my slightly - ahem, very - dodgy first attempt at replicating this awesome snowflake. I had been cutting out Star Wars snowflakes to insert in Christmas cards for various friends, but I'm more a Doctor Who girl. Problem is, there aren't as many templates out there for Doctor Who. Which is outrageous.

I've also been making my new favourite holiday snack - white chocolate popcorn with sprinkles.

Ah, 'tis the season. Okay, I think one more coffee then I really will start 'The Great Clean-up'. Or I'll just keep watching my current favourite seasonal clip... A muppet, a Scot in a Christmas sweater, and a pipe. What more do I need?

Friday, December 2, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

... is a scruffy Scot in a Christmas sweater.

Well, I sort of got it right? Wee Davie is now sporting a Christmas collar.

As an added bonus, it looks knitted, but it's really cotton fabric. I do love a Scot in a Christmas sweater...

Okay, back to business, I am back on track with my attempts to whittle down the WIPS. These socks were barely a cuff when I left off. Now, thanks to some necessary recuperation on the home front, they are rapidly growing into possibly my most girliest socks yet, whipped from Knitabulously pink yarn. They're from The Joy of Sox, details to come when I'm finished. The intricate design is fiddly, but they are truly a sock confectionery. I can't wait to dance to sugar plums in these socks...

... maybe with the scruffy Scot in a Christmas sweater.