Monday, January 2, 2012

A Good Start to 2012... and Mrs Higgins's Sewing Machine

2012 started hot, but well. We went antiquing. Knowing there was a long drive, I grabbed some yarn, some needles, and a vague idea about a couple of stitch patterns and through the traffic, put all that together. It's still in progress, but this just might be my first real sock design. And yes, it's very, very girly. I can't fight my nature.

While antiquing, I found this little fellow and since the stall owner was really nice and kept reducing the price for me, he had to come home with me.

He's Wembley Ware, incidentally. Those lettuce leaves have the most gorgeous sheen.

And then I got very excited. Under this unprepossessing case?

My first sewing machine! It was an absolute bargain and it works like a dream. Not to mention... how pretty is it?

It has had only one previous, careful owner, a Mrs Higgins. She purchased the machine from the Myer Emporium in 1959. We know, because the receipt is still tucked into the original accessories tin.

So, I now have Mrs Higgins's sewing machine. I have to admit, I gulped a little as we threaded her and gave her her first test run (recalling previous driving lessons, Mum crying 'take your foot off the accelerator!' and 'would you pick up your lead foot' as the fabric churned through). This is like a whole new awesome avenue for activity. As though I have time to get bored...

Mind, I have sewn before. I know the basics. I just hadn't found my machine. Mrs Higgins's machine is emphatically my machine.

The rest of the time, my parents chased me away from every vintage mix master I located, even the pink one! Though they did make it up to me, since they'd sneakily picked up a bakelite cookie press, which they gave me at dinner.

And I think Mum might be softening on the topic of vintage mix masters since I pointed out that they are smaller and more compact.


Anonymous said...

Is that a lattice pattern? Looks interesting.

And I love your sewing machine - it's gorgeous! And very you, I must say.

Rose Red said...

What a great story! Love Mrs Higgins's sewing machine. What great sewing stories it could tell, if only it could talk.

Anonymous said...

mrs higgins looks amazing. and the buttercup socks are wonderful! may 2012 continue in this exciting vein!